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Proposed Phone Mast Needs Residents Support To Lobby for Alternative Location

We here at KANRA are committed to supporting residents in a number of ways, no more that ensuring the environment of the area remains in keeping with atheistically pleasing features and views.


We are unsure if most, or many residents are aware of the plans for a new telecommunications mast at the Kingsway Shopping Parade? Yes, that's correct a telecoms mast that will tower some 20meters above ground, with a series of cabinets below to house the supporting equipment..!!


The proposed location will see the mast located on the grassed area / corner of Kingsway and Coniston Road, In reality the direct area to the right as you turn into the Kingsway Shopping Parade Car Park.

The proposed area is to the left of this image


As local councillors, alongside KANRA, we believe that the proposed location (see image) is not suitable and that the telecoms company should look to situate the mast on the rooftop of a building (it was previously sited on the roof of the Kingsway University Campus) so it was not detrimental to the look or feel of the shopping parade and surrounding residents area.

Unfortunately, the national planning rules on telecommunications favours the telecoms companies and it means they have the legal right to implement towers and infrastructures such a this wherever they can on the basis there is a need to provide network coverage for customers.

Regrettably the council cannot refuse the application on the grounds of perceived health risks.

We all want and are becoming reliant good phone coverage and fast data speeds, but at the same time we believe the proposed location of the mast will have a negative impact on the character of the neighbourhood.

Do you agree?

If you agree with us, we would ask you submit an individual objection to Cheshire West and Chester Planning Authority. As petitions only count as one objection, it will be much more effective and have greater impact if residents' email or post and individual objection

How to Submit Your Objection

You can visit the Community Hub where we have a standard letter available to sign then submit.

Or if you have access to email you can send your objection by clicking on the box below.

Closing Date for Objections

You must submit your objection before the deadline of Friday 15th April

Your Objection Should Include

  1. Application reference: 22/00671/TEL

  2. Your name and address

  3. Suggest that the telecoms company should look to install on an alternative location, and ideally on the rooftop of a large building and not at ground level in the streetscape. In doing so, the mast would have lesser impact on the human and physical environment and help to preserve the character of the area, in particular the Shopping Parade.

  4. Additionally, you may wish explain the appearance of the proposed mast is not in keeping with other buildings in the area and would have an impact / disrupt the frontage of the Shopping Parade, especially the views from the houses and flats, and nearby green spaces such as Limewood Fields. Also by introducing metal cabinets and tall (20m) metal structures into an established shopping and residential area, it will diminish the natural character of the area which has long been identified as having open grassed areas and trees in its public realm. This will have negative impact on residential amenity.

Click link to submit your objection by email

Alternatively you can submit your objection yourself in writing to:

Planning Department

Cheshire West and Chester Council

4 Civic Way

Ellesmere Port


CH65 0BE

If you have any questions of concerns please get in touch

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