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Happy New Year from all at Kingsway and Newton Residents Association CIC

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

May we wish you all the very best for the forthcoming year and we want to thank you for your continued support.

Its been a year of hard work from the team here, with mainly the negotiations to transfer ownership of the Dee Miller into the hands of the community. We worked tirelessly to arrange for the formation of a 'Community Interest Company' which would be the legal status behind the ownership and our aims and objectives to maintain the original covenant for community benefit. Rafts and rafts of paperwork had to be completed, along with the creation of a Board of Directors who are now responsible for the running and management of Kingsway and Newton Residents Association. However, this is now in place and should open many doors for future opportunities, including funding for projects.

Regrettably time was not on our side with the formation of the CIC and the Dee Miller being revamped into a 'community center' instead it will be opening as a Public House which will see a focal point for people to meet from the local community whilst bringing the whole site back to life.

We have also seen Herrons Foods open their new retail outlet which complements the other retailers on the Kingsway Shopping Parade and gives more options for local residents.

The team have been busy with many other aspects, including helping countless people from the area with advice and signposting. A vital facility for your community. The 'foodbank' access which is provided from the Hub is becoming in high demand and non more in the run up to Christmas and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who donated items. We have now placed a link on the website for advice on this subject.

Back in March the team put together 335 boxes for the Ukrainian Appeal and were shipped off to those suffering in the war torn areas.

The Jubilee was also harnessed by the community with celebrations and events provided for those in the area.

20 Years of KANRA

April we see Kingsway and Newton Residents Association celebrate its 20 year anniversary .......yes 20 years...!! A landmark worth celebrating for sure and over this time countless residents have been helped by the team. who we must add are ALL VOLUNTEERS. Back in 2003 a chance meeting between Ann and Neil at the Kingsway Chaple where they were attending a community event began the foundation of the idea of a much needed residents association From a conversation the idea of KANRA was born and has grown into a well respected, hard working organisation that serves many purposes in the community.

As we head forward we will keep you updated on any of our plans, but more importantly we want to hear from you as a resident / business owner in the area as to how you want to shape the future of the Kingsway and Newton area. Some items maybe a wish list, but other ideas may have some merit and therefore we can review and take forward.

Thank you all once again.

Trustees - Kingsway and Newton Residents Association CIC

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