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Trustees Come Together to Take Dee Miller Project Forward

Further progress has been achieved towards the community section of the Dee Miller, with the formation of a group of Trustees to oversee the project and the future of the center.

30th June witnessed seven dedicated volunteers come together to agree a detailed constitution and plan a way ahead for the next few weeks and months taking toward a successful outcome.

An application to the Charity Commission is near completion which opens many avenues, including the potential to undertake responsibility for leases, employment of staff and greater funding opportunities.

The newly formed charity will go under the name of ‘Kingsway and Newton Community Trust’ but in terms of how it will function the community will not recognise any changes from KANRA’s current activities.

There are still many aspects to explore with the new landlord and legalities of taking on a lease and the responsibility and commitment to community which comes with such a project, and we are keen to keep the momentum going, however as with any property transfer all the correct and specific steps need to be in place before we come to a final agreed terms and content of a lease. We have been working with the landlord for just short of two years now and a well-recognised bond and mutual respect has been cemented between all parties and it is our intentions to maintain this going forward.

Local residents will have noticed that significant works are nearing completion on the retail side of the premises and the site will soon be cleared ready for Herron Foods to open for business soon. Already the site is starting to give a much better look than the abandoned public house and it is the intentions of the Community Trust to ensure that the outer elements of both sides of the building remain in keeping with a similar colour scheme, thus blending in well.

We will be bringing you more news over the next few weeks, but what we do ask is that you all give as much support to our project as possible. Afterall the hard work, volunteer time and commitment put in so far is for the benefit of the wider community and not only rescuing the site, but giving a long term legacy for young and old to benefit from for years to come.

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