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Dee Miller Development Gathers Pace

As many residents will have noticed over recent weeks significant developments have taken place on and across the Dee Miller site.

Developers are nearing completion of works to create a retail outlet separating the old bar area, with the lounge. Once completed the retail unit will be fitted out and functional in the next month or so and will be accessible to residents and the wider community mid Summer.

Regarding the ‘Community / Hub Centre’ the residents association have made good progress towards the formulation of a ‘Charitable Trust’ under which the new venture for the community can be run, managed and provide a variety of service from. However, help is still required and especially further ‘founding Trustees’ and there is scope for two more individuals to join the current trustees. The residents association are keen to hear from anyone who may have accountancy or legal experience to join the group.

There have been a few comments circulating on social media regarding the Dee Miller site and how sad it is to see it in such a state, but the reality is that these redevelopment works will of course take time and those of us who have lived in the area for many years maybe shocked to see it all boarded up. But rest assured….once the renovations to both the retail unit and the lounge area are complete it will be regenerated and will bring a new lease of life to the previous derelict site.

I think we all recognise this is a big change for the community and especially as the Dee Miller (as Public House) was a pivotal point for the community, young and old gathering weekly, nightly and many fond memories of times and people past. But please understand that the main aim of KANRA was to preserve the site for the use of the community, and threats posed to take over the site from sources outside the community and use for their own benefit, or in fact housing etc has been hard fought with Cheshire West and Chester Planning by representatives of KANRA. This was in order to ensure the original Land Registry clause is followed and preserved. This clause noted that the site must remain for the benefit of the community, something we think you will agree we have achieved.

Further updates will be provided from KANRA on the ‘Community Centre. Side of the site and don’t be surprised if in the following weeks and months there is not a BIG shout out to come and lend a hand with clearing the internal side of the lounge and filling skips.

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