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Contractors 'Spring' Into Action at Dee Miller Site

Update 1st March 2022

Over the next few weeks residents may notice that contactors have embarked on work to the rear of the building which entails clearing the garden area, marking out and establishing the footings for the new retail unit.

Today volunteers from KANRA paid another visit to the site and moved all artefacts and any features from the bar area across to the lounge where they will be stored for anyone to claim, or as memorabilia in the new centre.

We want to give reassurance that nothing of relevance will be left in the bar. This area is now cleared, with only the bagatelle table remaining which has been donated to the Chester Bagatelle League. We have been informed that this will be used by the Greyhound Pub (Saughall) as they are keen to enter the league.

Some have questioned the building material, barriers and cabling in the car park and as this is an agreement with the purchasers of the Dee Miller site and the firm installing the fibre cabling in the area this may be in place for some time, or at least until the whole site is ready for completion.

The Lounge Area, which is to be used by KANRA and the Community is in relatively fair condition with some minor water ingress through the ceiling in one area. Apart from that there is a great base to work from and transform into a much-needed community facility for the area.

Again, we must address the thoughts of some who feel it should return to being a public house. Regrettably there is not enough strong evidence for such use as a sustainable business model going forward. However, KANRA does plan to retain a smaller (than previous lounge bar) bar area which in the future could be used for functions, this model is easier to not only manage, but is easier to obtain licencing for.

There is no doubt in the coming months we will be looking toward the community for help, especially when it comes to refurbishments and the first element of this will most probably be an ‘all hands on deck’ day of filling skips and removing old furniture and carpets.

We will keep you all undated over the coming weeks and months and if you are interested in helping out with any aspects of the project then drop into see the team at the Hub on the Kingsway Shopping Parade.

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